Money Matters- 8 Juicy And Immediate Tips About Money To Help You Attract, Manifest and Keep More of it and Beyond!

As entrepreneurs we are constantly learning about our relationships to money, our value and our ability to manage our resources. It’s never too late to start fresh and improve your relationship with money and overcome any fears you have about allowing in your Divine abundance and getting out of the shadows and fear that are so rife with this topic! (It’s often said it’s easier to teach a workshop on sex than on money!)

Apply even just one of these tips and see how your relationship with money begins to heal.

1- FOCUS: What You Focus on Grows: When it comes to money are you focussed on your debts, bills, and the things or experiences you don’t yet have? Worrying about what you fear is like praying for it to happen. Switch your focus and get determined to only focus on the positive, keep a gratitude journal that you write in every night and count your blessings to watch them grow! It’s true that what you appreciate, appreciates.

2- PERSPECTIVE: The next time you find yourself feeling wanting or thinking/saying/behaving from a place of poverty consciousness take a step back and get some perspective- remember how much money is easily available to you- The below is from an anonymous author, it sure can make you think.

If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace, you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

3- ATTENTION: Money likes to be paid attention and tickled behind the ears. Just like a child if you don’t pay with positive attention it will cost you and money will start playing up, doing anything to get you to notice it! SO if you go into denial and avoid doing your accounts, taxes, and budgets it will get your attention with fines, losses and bills!

4- TRACKING: Check in with your money every day to build your relationship with your finances. Check your balances, move money in alignment with your financial savings/investments/debt repayment plan and write down what comes in every day- every penny counts- and this is a powerful exercise to encourage the positive flow of money into your life: remember money loves having your attention and care!

5- TITHING: Tithing will eventually free you from all financial lack. Find a cause you love and start giving whatever you can afford, but make a start today! Every phase of your life improves; becomes more harmonious, balanced, healthy, and happy due largely to invoking the prosperity law of Gratitude. You will see financial miracles begin to happen as you affirm your own abundance and plenitude.

6- LOVE & JOY: All the above will only work with the faithful practice of an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and an energy of love and joy- If you imagine money as a being and realise that you have got into a pattern or habit of abuse/neglect/fear/control or whatever is true for you, then huge shifts can happen as you heal those old stories and start fresh with a healthy new relationship to money this year of the water dragon!

7- PRAYER: Unfortunately many people fail to see the connection between spirituality and prosperity, when the two are divinely connected. Your good, abundance and money are yours by divine right and you are not separate from it. The Universe, Higher Power, God or whatever term you use to define all that is wants you to enjoy your peace, prosperity, love and good health right now! It’s your ego’s job to keep you ‘safe’ at all costs- even when you are being invited by your Spirit to step up into greater success, health, happiness and abundance- so watch out for the ‘I can’t afford it story’ which is really just the easiest way of saying ‘I’m scared to grow and need a convincing excuse that I won’t be challenged on….’

8- EXPAND : Create a consciousness of limitlessness rather than one of limitation by seeing abundance, supply, opportunity and prosperity everywhere – even in the face of so-called ‘failure’ or ‘disaster’. When one of my clients is going through an especially tough patch I often remind them what roses grow best in! 😉

9- BELIEVE YOU’RE DESERVING: Many people are holding onto ‘Who Am I?’ beliefs and stories and deep down feel they are not worthy or not good enough, and therefore cannot expect to have much or get their wants/needs/desires met. As a consequence they have a habit of giving up, giving in, self-sabotaging and finding other ways of stopping before their financial breakthrough.

10- CLARITY: Have you actually decided to make/keep more money this year? Get clear on exactly how much more and why you want it, write out exactly what the money if for, why it is important to you and why you shall have it. Decide to lift your faith and envision the vastness of Universal supply- and it’s yours for the asking, claiming and accepting if you allow yourself to get clear about what you need and desire!

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