Use The Secret Business Weapon You Already Have.

What is it? It’s intuition. And you have it. Let me show you how.


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The Venus venture

Venus is our sister planet, the only other feminine planet in our solar system. She heralds a new era for women where we create from our highest vision, not from reaction. Under her guidance discover how to become a magnet for more love, money and beauty.


V.I.P. experience

This is where the magic happens. Work with me privately to uncover your highest potential and get you on track to live it. Each experience is different, depending on you, what you need, and where you are going.



A brand new 12 week journey to transform your service-based calling into an enjoyable, successful and simple lifestyle business. Live weekly coaching calls, digital training, PDF teachings & mentoring.



Hear from my incredible clients…




With Kat’s support I could step back and let go of the work I wasn't enjoying by getting in help and focussing more on my zone of genius - speaking, inspiring and leading groups. It has made a huge difference - both in my enjoying the business more, increasing my income and also I now have fulfilment of mentoring nutritionists who don't have enough clients or business knowledge. That wasn't part of my original plan but it is now and I love it! Also having people around you that see your potential when you don't is invaluable!

Thinking big starts to become so natural and just writing this has made me realise how far I've come from who I was when I joined.

I now experience regular £10k months.

I also manifested incredible results in all areas- including more foreign travel and flying first class to boot!"



“I was stuck for 8 years - now I have 5 figure days!

I feel called to write this for anyone sitting on the fence and saying “when I have this or that or when the timing is right” I will work with Kat Dever.

Despite an 11k launch my business had been stuck at €1,500 a month- for 8 years. I started working with Kat on 9th January 2017.

Within 2 weeks I made €8k and then a €3k months, then a €10k month

Two months later I made €22k with such ease, grace, beauty and love in just 2 days.

What I saw was once I showed up fully and believed and owned the power of my gifts, my clients did too.

If you are ready to stand into your power and the next level is calling you, Kat Dever is your lady. She holds the space for you in a way I have never experienced before. It is magical, real, strong, and oh so powerful.

The world needs us women to show up in a BIG way. Dare to just do it. You won't be disappointed if you are ready to show up the container Kat holds for you.“



“I was working at least 60 hours a week and always wondering where the next client was coming from...

I had never heard of Kat before (sorry Kat!) but a very strange series of coincidences led me to the call. It was definitely the universe saying to me "This is right for you. Stop ignoring it!"

Her approach is soft and feminine with none of the ugly aggressive approach that is often taught to business owners trying to upscale their business.

Working with Kat has taught me to value my gifts and expertise and to step up into the role that’s absolutely right for me... And to dream bigger than I ever would have thought.

My working week is now down to 35 hours with plans to have reduced to 3 days by the end of the year.

Thanks Kat for opening my eyes to what is achievable for me. You've allowed me to accept this (and more) can all be mine and that miracles can so easily happen if you open yourself up to that possibility."



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