Top Ten Tips To Manage Your Energy and put you on your ‘A Game’ as an Earth Angel, Sensitive Type or Big Hearted Creative Entrepreneur

A couple of years ago I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and I discovered something truly amazing.

You see, the food was great, but for some reason every time I ate at camp I was left really poorly with sickness and diarrhea- which isn’t great at the best of times, let alone when you are camping in a 2 man tent with your 66 year old Dad, in freezing conditions, and hiking up to 10 hours a day at a high altitude!


I was afraid that if I ate less then I would have less energy, and not make it to the top.

Fortunately, I had prepared ahead with all my ‘energy tools’ that I had learned from being in my business and needing to manage my energy as a sensitive type or Earth angel.

What was so amazing was that within a few hours of stopping the food that was making me sick and switching to my secret super foods I was bouncing up that mountain!

I believe whatever summit you are striving towards in life- whether its to make your first million, change the World through philanthropy, find more balance and peace in your daily routine or all of the above then these supportive secrets can help!

These tools and tips can help support you if you are sensitive, travel a lot, or need to be on your ‘A’ Game for an event or meeting!

Rhodiola– This is my flying secret- it is a literal miracle worker- it completely stops you getting tired and stressed! I just take it on the flight and for a day or two after landing. Usually I buy a tincture and add it to water but you can take a pill as well- whatever you prefer. I once forgot it and felt dizzy and weird-but when I remember I don’t even notice and can roll right into whatever I am doing, whether working with clients, trekking to jungles or attending a swanky do! 😉

I am one of those people who doesn’t care ‘how’ I just want the result – fast- but if you love the sciencey-how bit then check out this:

Maca– Essential if you are at a high altitude or having hormonal challenges, it supports your adrenals and makes you more energised. I don’t go crazy on this and eat it daily like some folks- but I had a liquid form of it on Kili and it was awesome- even my Dad was a fan and he is a super sceptic of all this ‘woo woo nonsense’- In fact he said without it on summit night he would not have made it 😉 Thanks Maca! I like it in hot chocolate with raw cacao and almond milk mmmmm- yum.

Protein bars – If you’re anything like me your blood sugar can drop super fast- keep some healthy protein bars for emergencies! I like these organic ones- you can get them at wholefoods by the box- or online if you are UK based.

Almonds– Just the most amazing snack foods- have some on you at all times! Alkalising, healthy, packed with nutrients and easy to get most places. Almonds are lifesavers!

Coconut water– I always try and grab a fresh coconut or some bottled coconut water when I land anywhere- it totally helps to replenish lost fluids and is more hydrating than water. It has electrolytes in so its uber beneficial- Again I don’t really know the science- just that it works!

Flower Essences- I always have rescue remedy with me, I usually take some on flights as security and all that stresses me out and I have been known to be the one running for the gate- yes even at 7 months pregnant… And my other must have flower essence for flights is YARROW- it helps with all the electro-magnetism apparently

Essential Oils – My friend Christina Morassi turned me onto these when I had my son, and they have been awesome. there is one called peace and calming which kids love- and I like Valor for when I am speaking on stages and have some nerves.

I hope these little tips help you! I really recommend trying some of these powerful ‘magic bullets’ – I f you need a place to start try getting Rhodiola for your next long haul flight and working with the Bach’s flower essences and see how you get on…

Be sure to comment BELOW and let me know your magic bullets for managing your energy and any other tips you have to share!

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