If you’ve been thinking about working with me privately for a while, if you’re waiting for the ‘right time’ or ‘someday’ now is the time! Don’t wait for someday, because it never arrives - It’s up to you to ‘Seize The Day’ and claim your destiny NOW.


Each experience is different, depending on you, what you need, and where you are going. What is constant is the level of transformation that comes as a result of taking this time and intention to fully show up for yourself and your calling.

I love nothing more than working with a woman to help her get aligned with her true vision, receive clarity on her offerings, packages and programs and get totally confident and ready to go. Part of your experience is a special one to one day hosted at the beautiful Babington House in Somerset.

We cover so much depth and breadth on these days that it’s hard to describe. We focus intensively on you. Your true desires, your special gifts, your challenges and what you need to thrive. We do the alchemy to allow that in to your experience. I am committed to working with clients who are ready for a quantum leap and are willing, available for their growth and taking 100% responsibility for their reality. 

I don’t know how else to explain it so I will now let past clients tell you about their results and if you feel you’d like to go ahead just simply book on the bottom of the page. 

So without further ado… Let’s look at the case studies.


“I was on the verge of giving up before my One Day Intensive… I went on to create a six figure business in just 9 months.”


I am busy putting the final touches together on my LIVE sold out event in South Africa just 1 month after running the same event with amazing success in the UK and I felt compelled to write this post as I know without having had Kat in my life and working with her 1-2-1 it wouldn’t have happened.

If you have never worked with Katharine Dever then you have no idea what you are missing.

There isn’t a day that goes by now when I am not grateful for making that decision as Kat is a miracle worker – she has the most amazing insight and a gift to bring out the best in you and let you see it too. If you have even a glimmer of a dream that you want to bring into this world then you deserve to give yourself the gift of time with Kat. Like me, you may just find yourself on the amazing trajectory.

Within 9 months of my first day with Kat I have created at business exceeding £100k revenue, I have online and live programmes, am running events around the world and a waiting list for 1-2-1 VIP clients.“

Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef

South Africa


Carly trusted her guidance and took the leap. She signed up for a One Day Intensive and 10 sessions. Here’s what happened next in Carly’s own words:

“Within weeks I had a £25,000.00 ($40,000.00) pay day and within 9 months of working with her I had taken my business from zero to six figures.

I had been dreaming of starting my coaching business for years, but I had been holding myself back and playing small. I was scared of being visible, scared of investing in myself and unsure of what steps to take next……but still the desire to serve clients and get this business going never ever left me. The moment I heard Kat’s money spot free call I knew intuitively that Katharine would be the person who could help me.

My knees were knocking to make the high level investment….but whilst it was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made it proved to be one of THE best decisions.

It’s not just business results that I experienced… I found myself making healthier food choices, feeling emotionally grounded and generally up leveling every area of my life. Don’t be fooled by Kat’s huge heart, she is a savvy business mentor who knows how to create profitable businesses. She is a skilled copywriter, speaker and has an impressive mind for marketing BUT she is also an alchemist, she creates magic and has an energy for manifesting that I have not witnessed before. This power is infectious and is available to all who work with her.

Carly Hope, The Sales Angel

Birmingham, UK


“I witnessed myself becoming a magnet for attracting clients, prosperity, and fulfillment. Every time I listen to our call recordings, I’ll even find hundreds of dollars flow into my life & business with such effortless ease and grace!”


“Before working with Kat, I was so frustrated because I had physically no extra time to coach 1-on-1 clients, and I knew I really desired to create a transformation group program.

Yet I had no idea where to start. Kat is a true business intuitive, and taps into what is truly required and important to get done. She channels an energy that instantly uplifts your vibration and puts you in a space of true receiving.

Being in her vibration instantly changed me.

As our time together progressed, I witnessed myself becoming a magnet for attracting clients, prosperity, and fulfillment. Every time I listen to our call recordings, I’ll even find hundreds of dollars flow into my life & business with such effortless ease and grace!

Within 7 days of our first session, I had downloaded and written out my Get Into Alignment program – which I had been spending months on to no avail!

Within the next 30 days, I had launched and filled the spots of my group program and created an extra $8,000 by being in alignment with my beauty, truth, and elegance.

Kat is a powerful high frequency woman, a high priestess, a brilliant business angel and an awe-inspiring mentor.

You will receive everything you require to propel you business forward, and she will give you the part-spiritual, part-practical effective and essential tools to do it - while still pleasurably enjoying and loving every step of the way.”

Jia Ni Teo, Business Intuitive & Alignment Angel

Perth, Australia


“In one year my turnover has grown from £700 k  to £2.7 mill, and is set for further stratospheric growth.”

“I have known Katharine for 6 years, and have worked with her for one year.

Katherine has a very special ability to ‘clear the clutter’ in your life and business by identifying and removing energy drains, building the necessary support structure around you, and clearly identifying your ‘zone of genius’. Guided by her heart and passion for working with women wanting to build their dreams, Katharine’s work is a special kind of magic.

In the past year that I have worked with Katharine my business has undergone a series of quantum leaps.

Katherine will arm you with courage, confidence and clear sight, with her own very special toolkit of practices and strategies to get you on track and in your ‘flow’.

I will continue to work with Katharine indefinitely as I see the value that she adds to my life and business as priceless.”

Catherine Deane, Creative Director & Founder at www.catherinedeane.com

London & Hong Kong


“Stepping into delivering high level programs with Kat’s support has meant that my work is much more effective for clients, profoundly satisfying and often mind-blowing.”


”When I met Katharine I felt frustrated because I knew I had so much more to give but it wasn’t really happening.

Within 10 days of working together I had signed my first 5k client, and I’ve continued to do so since.

If your eyes are popping now let me be clear: if you’re looking for a get rich quick fix without being willing to dig deep and do the inner work then I’d suggest you go elsewhere. Yes, I am earning a tonne more money now than before (very gratefully so), but it’s actually not the most cherished thing I got out of working with Kat.

Here’s what I love most:

Kat helped me take the intuition that I was using in client sessions and breathe it into every corner of my business. Every decision, offering, price point, action is now borne from a place that’s so authentic and right for me, my energy and my life. This means that (nearly!) everything flows with much greater ease, serendipity and joy. Stepping into delivering high level programmes with Kat’s support has meant that my work is much more effective for clients, profoundly satisfying and often mind-blowing. I’ve never felt so on purpose and ‘at home’.

It certainly hasn’t been easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding.  I’m now nurturing incredible clients who are emerging with their own amazing gifts into the world. I’m writing a book, opening a healing centre, as well as teaching and speaking internationally and hosting online programmes.

Perhaps most precious of all, Kat always held a vision for me that was greater and more powerful than I ever could and wouldn’t let me settle for anything less. For that, plus all the magic and miracles, I am most deeply grateful. After all, who we become, not what we achieve or do, is what it’s really all about.

Clare Roche (PhD), Energy Teacher & Holistic Business Mentor
Cork, Ireland


If you’re ready to take the leap, I have limited available spaces this year for the following;


* VIP One Day Intensive

*  3+ Hours Mentoring calls - Pre & Post Calls

 * Access to my private membership group, The Garden

 * All my resources & back catalogue of products (Valued at over £5,000.00!)


Are You Next?

If you have any questions or want to have a chat with me or someone on my team book your consultation below.

P.S. I know it seems scary to actually get the transformation you need to start really getting big results in your business and doing what you came here to do. I know it feels safer to invest in more information, more training, to ‘wait until you’re ready’…But I am here to show you that you are ready and I promise that after a day with me you will feel and know that too.

So what’s it costing you to wait another day, week or month before getting the focus, clarity and direction to be who you came here to be.

It’s costing you way more than money…

Trust your self and drop me a note if you need to. If not, then I salute you, make your investment and you’ll hear from me soon and we will set the date for our day!

Love & Blessings