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Joseph Campbell Got It Spot On.

Even when I thought I was doing something I really loved – Freelance Radio and Consulting in London, the truth was I still felt unfulfilled, there was a part of me that craved more freedom and expression.

When I stopped focussing on one certain thing everything changed!

What was that important thing?

It was the idea of “What I ‘Should’ Do”:- Just because everyone expects something of you, you’re trained in something, or you feel obliged to take a certain course – It doesn’t mean it’s right for you…Or that you have to do it!

I remember some of my friends and family being shocked that I didn’t go on to take my Place at Trinity College, Dublin for my Masters degree. I spent hours agonising over that decision. I had the opportunity to study in Ireland’s famous capital at one of the best colleges in the World, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I had to be honest with myself, even though it went against the grain. As soon as I actually made the decision though, I felt a lot better- it was the humming and hawing that was driving me mad!

Now when I’m faced with a decision I “feel” how it would be to say ‘yes’ and I “feel” how it would be to say ‘no’. Usually if it’s something I need to or want to do I can pretty quickly make my mind up to go for it, or not, when faced with not being able to have it or do it any more! (And vice versa)

Try this for yourself and see if it works for you.

It only takes a few moments with your eyes closed and to connect inwards…you might be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Remember, Whatever you are doing in life, what matters most is how you’re be-ing! You are here to experience joy, to live your highest excitement. Imagine a World where everyone did that.

Bring your heart into what you love, and bring what you love into your heart.

Stay Connected!

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