Surrender - The Secret to Living A Life More Aligned With Your True Purpose, With More Joy And More Fulfillment!

I was in a funk.

I was feeling jammed up.

I was inexplicably annoyed with everything.

I decided to work at a nearby cafe in the countryside, and sat down to write.

Nothing came.

I drank a coffee,

Checked some email.

I tapped my fingers on the table

I moved to sit outside.

…Still nuthin’….

I have learnt an incredibly important lesson in my years as a business owner about struggle.

Struggle is a state of being, not doing.

‘Work’ Does not have to be ‘HARD’ as our programming would have us believe.

Most of the actual tasks we need to do to make our businesses run effectively and make money are fairly simple. Easy, even….However, we can choose to experience struggle when we go about them.
We can people please, get distracted, beat around the bush – and prove to ourselves the belief of how hard it really is to achieve our dreams.We can tell ourselves “its so hard” and we don’t have enough of this, that, or the other.

But the truth is success and abundance are natural.

It is our unconscious beliefs, patterns and limitations that hold us up and get in the way of the wellspring and natural flow.So…Back to the story, and back to my sorry state.

I looked around me at the sun glistening on the rolling fields and felt my desire stirring.

How many days had it been since I had walked in nature?

With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping I had been avoiding taking walks for even 5 minutes- a success habit for me that is crucial to my flow.

Hence my creative constipation, fatigue and general misplaced annoyance at inanimate objects, well meaning human beings, and even my loved ones. Oh yes, my funk was doing its best to contaminate everything around me!

Nature was quietly calling me, outstretched, open, inviting me to smell the earthiness of her soil, taste the freshness of the November air and hear the beautiful song of the birds.


Fortunately, I have learned the antidote to struggle….

I have discovered a secret….The one thing that no matter how dark my despair, how black my mood or how insurmountable a problem seems that can lift me up and out of it…

The one thing I have to completely allow when the going gets tough or when my ‘plan’ is not working…

The one thing I resist the most when I need it the most…

The one thing? Surrender.

Sweet Surrender. Surrender is not about giving up. It is about letting go.

Letting go of control.

The control that we *think* we need is ironically the biggest obstacle to creating the life waiting for us.

The moment I realized that my inability to be in flow was my inability to surrender I allowed my logical ‘I have lots to do’ ego mind to subside and just started walking and walking, climbing over gates and stiles, picking my way through muddy puddles and thoroughly enjoying breathing and moving my tense body.

I began to unwind and leave all the ‘stuckness’, anxiety and frustration behind.

I know it sounds simple, and it is simple…

…but, how many times are we like the fly trying to escape, bashing our heads against some invisible barrier, whilst the open window is just millimeters away?

In spite of all my breakthroughs, inspite of what I know, what I teach, what I live, every now and then it occurs to me again-

“Ohhhh… I need to ‘do’ the one thing I am not allowing….I need to surrender.”

And when I do, then the passion rises in me again, the words flow, my imaginations soar, my energies rise and this is all reflected in my clarity, profitability, my productivity and my sense of wellbeing.

Surrender is the secret sauce when it comes to living our lives and businesses on purpose…So my question to you today is Have you surrendered? If not, are you willing to be available? Or are you at war with the Divine, insisting on doing it all your way, your plan?

Think about it- God provides everything needed for nature to thrive- the blueprint, the environment, the purpose…wouldn’t it be obvious that as part of nature we are also extended that privilege?

Your birthright and inherent nature is successful and abundant.

You are now and always have been perfect. Yet we push and we strive, and we try and be perfect- thinking if we can just do everything *right* then we will meet with our heart’s desire, not realizing that with every push we push further away from us what we wanted.

Our ego insists it has the answers, it – and it alone- knows the way, and shoves us along it, not wanting us to reflect, to listen, to change…

And yet when we give our soul the space, when we surrender, we remember our power, we inhabit our true frequency of love- and we hear the Divine within us which invites us to trust our desires, accept our destiny, allow our good fortune and receive our knowing.

Surrender frees us. Sometimes we become so fixed on an outcome that we miss out on the beautiful life unfolding around us- to really appreciate our partners, our friends, our beautiful children and the life we *get* to live.

When we let go and connect to our true heart’s desire the Divine plan for us is allowed to unfold.

The Art of Surrender in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Pay Attention: What is no longer working in your life? What no longer serves you or is working? You know the truth when you are presented with it, and the truth- no matter how much you resist it – will set you free.
  2.  Deepen Your Faith: Offer your struggles to the Divine and move out of the way. Allow God/the Universe to handle it and stop the story of struggle.You need to trust to follow the guidance that you will receive- even if you are scared to take it.
  3. Love Yourself: Self- love gives you the courage to surrender and have the self-preservation to take the leap of faith. It may seem counter-intuitive but saying yes to yourself shows that you believe you matter and are ready for an improved situation- In the eyes of the Divine you are infinitely valuable and more loved than you can fathom

There is no set way to surrender, just close your eyes and let go.

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