In The Garden, you’ll seed fertile magic, bloom your intuition, and ground creative roots to
magnetise the life you desire

Come to the Garden to Grow, Come to Heal, Come to Thrive...


* Find Answers for your Questions on Manifestation & More

* Deepen your Intuition & Become More Decisive

* Give & Receive Wisdom & Support

* Gain Clarity & Confidence In Your Gifts

* Cultivate Your Practice of Asking For What you Need

* Enhance Your Self-Care, Mindfulness & Other Life-Giving Habits

* Belong to A Soulful Community

* Create Beautiful Connections & Friendships

* Grow And Nurture What Matters Most to You

* Find your Tribe

* Stay Grounded, Connected & Supported Through Times of Uncertainty

*  Trust Yourself and Value Who You Are

When Eve ate the apple and fell from paradise, women became tainted in the psyche with a story of shame. In the Garden we return and uneat the apple.
We nourish and express our feminine in her true divine nature


Why i created the garden

Shake off shame and embrace your natural abundance

* women need connection to truly thrive

* those who don't have 1-1 access can still ask questions and receive guidance and support 24/7

* sometimes working for yourself can be lonely and you crave like-minded sisterhood

*  accountability creates miracles

* together we are stronger, together we rise.



For years I've been asked by my tribe to put something together for all the wonderful women I work with where they can all connect in one space... Join us!


Isolation, loneliness and suffering don’t have to be your story. Let that myth end here in The
Garden with a tribe that gets it…

  • Deepen your confidence in your unique gifts

  • Grow global connections and friendships

  • Be enriched through giving and receiving wisdom

  • Cultivate your practice of asking for what you need

  • Enhance your self-care, mindfulness and life-thriving habits



You bravely and seamlessly weave magic from your life experience, practical business savvy,
deep intuition and source/spirit/divine connection
. Caroline Ferguson – Mindset Trainer, UK

I love and trust that you’re holding a space for us - magic comes from that.
Liz Ellery, Photographer and Website Design. London, UK

You guide all of us to be strong women while maintaining our gentleness. Love it!
Tesa Baum, Wellness Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Connecticut, USA

I have found growth, nourishment, love, joy, inspiration and sisterhood in The Garden this year.
A safe place for women around the world to thrive and prosper in soulful community.

Dianne Filipenko, Strategic Content Consultant. Melbourne, Australia.

Kat, you have laser sharp clarity, I always get so much from listening to you.
Sheila O’Driscoll, Coach. Cork, Ireland

Your approach is very personal even within a group. I especially feel inspired by the fact that
you are a mother and own a very successful business.

Natalia Shpek, Style and Personal Brand Consultant. London, UK

The Garden is a place where we can be not just gardeners but buds, saplings and delicate
flowers too, beautiful but strong and determined to grow.

Michel Emery Henshaw, Connectedness Coach. Manchester UK


Here in the Garden you'll be nourished and receive:

  • Fortnightly Meditations on New and Full Moon ~ tuning you into the Earth's rhythm and helping you to slow down, stay mindful and overcome challenges through inner work, as you clear away subconscious blocks you'll feel lighter, more free and naturally attract more of what you desire

  • Activations on Power Days in the year for alignment, manifestation, connection, intention setting, & Celebration

  • Resources to stay focussed, clear, aligned and grounded (the isolation, loneliness and suffering ends here)

  • Cutting edge learning & interviews from industry leaders as they share their stories

  • Spiritual Support and enhancement of your natural gifts of intuition through mindfulness, collective meditation and prayer

  • Access to 2 x 1 day Intensives- 2018 Planning day for Simple Sustainable Success, and "Mindset, Magic & Intuition" ready for you to download to get clear and connected NOW


Plus 50% of profits make a difference to Women for Women International, helping women affected by war and conflict learn life-changing business skills that help them make an income, regain confidence and actively participate in their communities.

“Hi Kat, my name is Victoria and I am one of the team here at Women for Women International.
I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but I just wanted email to find out a little more about
your amazing support and generosity. We have been overwhelmed by your donations.”

Join now and you’ll receive an additional 14 hours of practical spiritual training with these special bonus downloads

  • Audio Bonus Meditation 20 mins–:(Audio) Attract high-value clients

  • Simple Sustainable Success Planning Day: (Video) 4hrs 25min

  • Magic Mindset and Intuition Intensive: (Video) 3 hours 50min

  • High-Value Offers Masterclass (Video) 4hrs

  • Solstice Meditation and Manifestation Masterclass (Video) 2 hrs


Now Is The Time  - Here Is The Place

'For years I've been asked by my tribe to put a community together for the wonderful women I
work with where they can all connect in one space... We need this now more than ever to deepen, ground and hold a strong centre whilst we go through personal and planetary transformation. You needn't walk that path alone.

The Garden is magic beyond what I
imagined it could be - Join us! 


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