First £5k client within 10 days


Energy Teacher
& Intuitive Mentor

When I met Katharine I felt frustrated because I knew I had so much more to give but it wasn’t really happening. Within 10 days of working together I had signed my first 5k client, and I’ve continued to do so since. If your eyes are popping now let me be clear: if you’re looking for a get rich quick fix without being willing to dig deep and do the inner work then I’d suggest you go elsewhere. Yes, I am earning a tonne more money now than before (very gratefully so), but it’s actually not the most cherished thing I got out of working with Kat.

Here’s what I love most: Kat helped me take the intuition that I was using in client sessions and breathe it into every corner of my business. Every decision, offering, price point, action is now borne from a place that’s so authentic and right for me, my energy and my life. This means that (nearly!) everything flows with much greater ease, serendipity and joy.

Stepping into delivering high level programmes with Kat’s support has meant that my work is much more effective for clients, profoundly satisfying and often mind-blowing.  I’ve never felt so on purpose and ‘at home’. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I’m now nurturing incredible clients who are emerging with their own amazing gifts into the world. I’m writing a book, opening a healing centre, as well as teaching and speaking internationally and hosting online programmes. Perhaps most precious of all, Kat always held a vision for me that was greater and more powerful than I ever could and wouldn’t let me settle for anything less. For that, plus all the magic and miracles, I am most deeply grateful. After all, who we become, not what we achieve or do, is what it’s really all about.