Are You Living Your Highest Vision For Your Life?

A few years ago I made a commitment to myself that changed my life.

I decided that despite any pressure I imagine otherwise, I would pursue my highest vision.

Whether it seemed crazy, far out, off the wall- didn't matter, I only knew that every day I avoided expressing my deepest truths was a day that I died a little bit inside. So I began a journey into my true self.

I published poetry, articles and a book and I began working one-to-one with clients all over the World seeking guidance, especially those who were at some kind of turning point or experiencing transformation.

I felt like someone had pulled a plug out of my third eye. I could intuit things before they happened, and see myself and others living their divine life mission effortlessly and with grace and love.

It was exciting, but also kind of scary at first and I would sometimes doubt myself. Over time though I learnt to trust my creativity, my intuition and the wisdom I received and became full of my highest excitement. As more and more things ‘came true’ or aligned, the more faith I had in myself and what I was discovering, especially as synchronistic events and occurrences acted like little sign posts to a positive outcome.

At the time I took my inspiration from others who had walked before me and pursued their vision no matter what. I became fascinated with the so called “eccentrics” or geniuses, who were creating something from a vision deep inside them that felt true, rather than an external ‘truth’ or reality.

It didn’t make any difference if that genius was a World famous inventor, or a little known ‘peaceful warrior’ planting a garden his or her way, for a purpose they could see or feel. One of my favourite examples is the wonderful Portmerion in Wales, a true visionary concept still delighting folks and inspiring people just like me, who know there is more to life than a 9-5 or a job you hate!

So today I am going to ask you an important question, but I warn you that the answer could change your life forever.

What is your highest excitement?

What is your true vision for your life, the one that gives you a feeling of awe and makes your heart beat quicken?

Are you willing to commit to living, breathing, working, being from the place inside you that not only sees your highest vision, but also wants to co-create it with you?

Once you know, once you make this commitment, and take this ‘spiritual promise’ you simply can’t go back, it’s impossible! Even if you try to, turning back will be futile once you have made this oath! {It is like a visionary Hotel California!}

So do one thing that inspires you today, and start working back from your vision. Imagine yourself in that vision and then write a ‘brain dump’ of every single thing you can think of that it will take to make it happen…And marinade in your vision whenever you get the chance. If you dream it, you can live it.

Tell me about your spiritual commitments or highest visions by posting a comment below, I always love to hear from you!

Liz ElleryComment