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I'd known of Kat for years but I felt she was just too "out there" for someone like me. I'd always thought she was way too woo-woo for someone like me who is pragmatic, down to earth and focused on the systematic and process side of business. But how wrong was I!

The woo-woo is just one side of Kat and yes, I'll admit the spiritual exploration and soul connection work we did together did take some getting used to but I was blown away by how in tune she was in the business side of business.

What Kat gave me was the ability to raise my game, to see what I was capable of and she helped me smash through my VAT glass ceiling that I had been bumping up against for the past 3 years.

"This course has changed my life forever. Halfway through starting The Business Transformation I gained the courage to leave my full-time job of ten years to make my side hustle my full time business. The trainings were both practical and for me most importantly spiritual and mindset led. Kat just has a way of clearing away your negative, false beliefs and transforming them into kickass you can do anything beliefs. The ultimate bonus was all of the incredibly strong and heart centred women I've met through the Facebook community and group calls.

Through The Business Transformation I've made my old annual income at my 9-5 in just 6 months from my gifts and talents in design and helping people!"