Summer Solstice

Manifestation Masterclass

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Are you ready for the biggest manifestation portal of the year?

The Summer solstice is the time when the sun is at its peak power…  This is the time to get support for your most challenging stressors in your life and take action on your fondest dreams.

Come and join me, let’s recharge those batteries, tidy up the garden to nourish those seedlings and kick out the weeds to help you feel more clear, energized and aligned for the second half of 2018. I’ll share the actionable steps you can take immediately and the exercises that will expand your desired manifestations and help you transform unfavourable circumstances.

There will be short videos on Facebook everynight on my page HERE at 8pm - or catch them below, where they'll be uploaded daily. They will provide preparation, an elevation and build up to the Manifestation Masterclass, the culmination of our journey on Thursday 21st June for 2 hours on our face-to-face Zoom call (sign up on this page). On this 2 hour call I’ll answer your questions in depth and share my process. I don’t hold anything back.


Summer Solstice mini series, countdown - 3,2,1.....

in this video we will..

  • Dissolve the past
  • Get clear and focussed around heartfelt intentions
  • Align ourselves for natural growth and dream in the desires, support, manifestations and miracles that allow us to live our highest timelines
  • Step into our best, most intuitive powerful and radiant selves
  • Appreciate and recognize ourselves and our inherent value and honour our gifts

in Video 2 i will show you...

  • How to activate Your Intuition
  • How to use Your Intuition like a bloodhound, every single day
  • How to Tell the Difference between Fear and Intuition
  • How To Stay On Track
  • And How to believe in yourself, and How to Trust your amazing, God-given women’s intuition so that you catapult ahead of where you’re currently getting stuck

In preparation for tomorrow's Masterclass call we will be... 

  • Getting your mindset into a place where you can be fully available to
  • Receive the downloads and ideas
  • Miracles and opportunities awaiting on the other side of your blocks
  • Getting you out of your logical, orderly side of the brain and integrating into the wild, setting you free to roam around and stumble on dreams


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