Katharine Dever

How To Trust Your Intuition, Successfully Increase Your Income
& Have Fun Doing What You Love

... without the overwhelm, fear, confusion or burnout


Intuitive Business


Increase Your Income by Joyfully Creating Packages And High Value Offerings That Attract Your Ideal Clients And Give You The Freedom To Do What You Love, Like Travelling, Sharing Time With Friends & Family Or Just Enjoying Life’s Luxuries!

The problem I have seen with gifted women who really love helping others (and love what they do) is that they struggle to make money and pay the bills, because deep down they have an ingrained belief that 'hard' = worthy.

Deep down they do not trust 'easy' is possible. 

Have you, too, been a slave to this subconscious pattern that makes a 'struggle-free' life and business impossible?


I had the same problem too!

I've spent a decade "trying" to make money and live my purpose- meanwhile I was so flat broke I couldn't even afford a travel card on the London Underground. When I discovered the secrets that I share with you in this program my life and business changed forever, in a dramatically short time period.

I learnt the importance of taking action alongside having a powerful wealth mindset and how to be paid for what I was made for to truly enjoy a life of purpose, and abundance ...


Are you ready to transform your business?

Would you love to increase your income? Work from home? Quit your 9-5? Get out of the struggle and into the flow in your business?

You don’t have to work harder

You don’t need to sacrifice your time or your health

You won’t be frustrated by sales calls

You will no longer live in scarcity, anxiety and confusion of how to build a thriving business

And you don't have to spend years or decades figuring out each piece of the puzzle on your own




...having more time for you, working on your terms and experiencing so much more joy. Imagine trusting yourself, having confidence in your abilities and owning your power to create whatever reality you wish through a business you love!


It's possible and I made this course for you so I can guide you through the process


I've condensed over a decade of studying and training, hundreds of thousands of pounds invested in mentoring and 8 years of my own experience running a sustainable 6-figure business knowledge into this 12 week program so that anyone can get a breakthrough and transform their reality of business. It’s everything you ever needed to know about setting up or growing your current high-touch business from your gifts in a practical and soulful way.


Intuitive Coach


"Intuitive Business Transformation has been life and business changing for me. Everything in my life was amazing apart from business, I was feeling stuck and frustrated as I’d been in business 4 years and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening as I was doing all the ‘work’. Learning Kat’s unique way of selling enabled me to book my next VIP client with ease. The course structure and content addresses not only the practical steps, but the mindset and energetic too ~ and this mixed with Kat’s ability to support and hold space for you is truly transformative. I am so glad I joined as I’ve made £11,000.00 in just 3 months! I wish I could have taken this course four years ago as it would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money to receive the clarity, mindset and blueprint I needed to grow a successful and profitable business with confidence. 


Who is this course for?

This is for bright, creative women who want to do business in a soulful, grounded way...

This course is for you, if you can relate to any of the following...


+  Do you feel frustrated you’re not getting your desired income from your services?  Imagine if you had the money to pay for things like additional support (someone else to do the jobs that drain the life out of you like domestic stuff, or tech, or accounts or admin!) and afford luxuries like lovely clothes, travel, good food, or a home you love?

+  Do you lack clarity and confidence about what you’re really meant to be doing and find yourself spinning discs in your head, comparing yourself to others, getting stuck and overwhelmed by the noise so that it's hard to hear and trust your inner voice?

If you yearn to work in a way that connects you with your joy, increases your income and allows you to be true to yourself this is for you! If you feel it's time you stop doubting yourself or feeling unsupported then let's get started!

+  You’re afraid of failing, being inauthentic, being embarassed, getting it 'wrong', going broke or work that doesn’t light you up just to pay the bills when what you want is to live the life you dream of doing the work you're here to do

+  Have you invested, tried courses, ticked the boxes, got the qualifications but something still isn’t right? If you’re feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and part of you wants to give up and is jaded or confused then I know the Intuitive Business Transformation will not disappoint you, let me take you by the hand and show you a different way.

+  Do you know, deep down, that if you could just get out of your own way your life could be amazing and you could rock this business thing out?


First £5k client within 10 days


Energy Teacher
& Intuitive Mentor

When I met Katharine I felt frustrated because I knew I had so much more to give but it wasn’t really happening. Within 10 days of working together I had signed my first 5k client, and I’ve continued to do so since. If your eyes are popping now let me be clear: if you’re looking for a get rich quick fix without being willing to dig deep and do the inner work then I’d suggest you go elsewhere. Yes, I am earning a tonne more money now than before (very gratefully so), but it’s actually not the most cherished thing I got out of working with Kat.

Here’s what I love most: Kat helped me take the intuition that I was using in client sessions and breathe it into every corner of my business. Every decision, offering, price point, action is now borne from a place that’s so authentic and right for me, my energy and my life. This means that (nearly!) everything flows with much greater ease, serendipity and joy.

Stepping into delivering high level programmes with Kat’s support has meant that my work is much more effective for clients, profoundly satisfying and often mind-blowing.  I’ve never felt so on purpose and ‘at home’. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I’m now nurturing incredible clients who are emerging with their own amazing gifts into the world. I’m writing a book, opening a healing centre, as well as teaching and speaking internationally and hosting online programmes. Perhaps most precious of all, Kat always held a vision for me that was greater and more powerful than I ever could and wouldn’t let me settle for anything less. For that, plus all the magic and miracles, I am most deeply grateful. After all, who we become, not what we achieve or do, is what it’s really all about.



Everyone thought I was nuts...
when I started my own business. 

They thought I was crazy giving up a ‘conventional’ life. Now they ask me HOW do I do it"? How did I find the holistic success I currently enjoy in my life as a successful mother of 3?

It’s so much easier to make good money doing what you love than it has ever been, and you just don’t realise how much power you have to make an impact and a difference- right now.

I'm Kat, and I’m devoted to empowering coaches, healers, experts, heart-centered female entrepreneurs, 'people helpers' and creative types like you to trust themselves and value their gifts


I'm regularly paid thousands for my intuitive work with clients from all walks of life- from lawyers, to fashion designers, to CEOs to property moguls and celebrities, all of whom shared a desire to transform their lives in some way.

But it wasn't always like that for me


I struggled in my 20s and even though I was bright, creative and talented  I found it terrifying to ask for money, so instead of facing those fears I chose to avoid the discomfort I had around money, and I gave my time and energy away for free, constantly bartered and found it impossible to even comprehend selling and marketing, let alone being in business!

I had a revelation when I hired a mentor and discovered that unless I valued myself, no one else would either.

I really had to work on my stories about selling, marketing, money and how to make it feel good and get epic results. 

Getting out of my old habits and taking myself from flat broke to 6 figures within 4 months with just my faith and a credit card to back me was not easy, but it wasn't complicated either.

When I understood some important concepts, learned some vital lessons, mastered some simple skills, and was willing to 'bet on my own horse' and commit to myself everything changed and things took off.

I tell you this not to show off, but to let you know I've spent a long time and invested deeply to figure this stuff out for myself and now I'm ready to share it...

If you've ever wondered what it's like to work with me or wanted my guidance, this is your perfect opportunity in an accessible, safe, empowering and held space that will allow you to transform and catalyse your growth and success. I've seen a lot of hype, BS and what doesn't work come and go, and I've created something that can get you started making money from your gifts as I have without the tech, time-suck, noise and overwhelm.


When I started my business I quickly learned a valuable lesson...

When you are on the planet to transform lives you can’t do business as usual...


You could tick every box and jump every hoop and still be banging your head against the wall following other peoples' 'systems'.

But here’s the thing- when you trust your intuition and stand your ground in clarity, then your rubber hits the road you will take off in such a glorious way that you will leave the naysayers and the doubters utterly spellbound by your leaps and stratospheric trajectory.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times, when you align with yourself and take your power back - the Grace and miracles that abound are nothing short of the best kind of magic ;)


And don’t we all want a little magic in our businesses?

So, yeah, ‘usual’ ways of doing business won’t necessarily work for you, and that goes for the ‘usual’ ways of thinking, of living, and of creating a wonderful life that suits you down to the ground.

But there are lots of magical ways of doing things- even practical things- like selling, marketing, pricing, creating packages, offers and programs that attract your ideal clients that value you and love your work. So that you can do what you came here to do and love your Life. Once you have money rolling in and are successfully doing what you love you can consider whether you are happy running a lifestyle business from home, or you are ready to expand and leverage your way to multi-6 and even 7 or 8 figures, but it all starts with the basics of getting paid for what you're made for

And that’s what’s available with the Intuitive Business Transformation...




Business Mentor




Personal Branding



I'd known of Kat for years but I felt she was just too "out there" for someone like me. I'd always thought she was way too woo-woo for someone like me who is pragmatic, down to earth and focused on the systematic and process side of business. But how wrong was I!

The woo-woo is just one side of Kat and yes, I'll admit the spiritual exploration and soul connection work we did together did take some getting used to but I was blown away by how in tune she was in the business side of business.

What Kat gave me was the ability to raise my game, to see what I was capable of and she helped me smash through my VAT glass ceiling that I had been bumping up against for the past 3 years.

"This course has changed my life forever. Halfway through starting The Business Transformation I gained the courage to leave my full-time job of ten years to make my side hustle my full time business. The trainings were both practical and for me most importantly spiritual and mindset led. Kat just has a way of clearing away your negative, false beliefs and transforming them into kickass you can do anything beliefs. The ultimate bonus was all of the incredibly strong and heart centred women I've met through the Facebook community and group calls.

Through The Business Transformation I've made my old annual income at my 9-5 in just 6 months from my gifts and talents in design and helping people!"


What Do I Get Kat?

The Intuitive Business Transformation is a 12 week program
with me as your mentor.


+  You receive monthly coaching with me LIVE so I can answer all your questions every month

+  You receive weekly videos, with accompanying worksheets to complete so you are energetically aligned and practically set up with the skills, habits and mindset to get to 6 figures and beyond in your business

+  You participate alongside a community full of awesome women who will back you, see you, and support you…which is a safe, warm and empowering collective of women on the journey to give feedback, support, and share in your successes!

+ Women from all walks of life, all careers from lawyers to designers are finding their people and like minded friends to share the journey with- it’s simply magic to have that level of kinship…

Plus there are extra bonuses of 3 x 1 Day Intensives -

✓ How to listen to your Soul, Trust Your Magic & Intuition
✓ High-Value Mindset so you can attract ideal clients and 10x your rates
✓ Intuitive Planning for a successful, sustainable year


To ensure that this is the perfect course for you,
here are the weekly course modules :

Open for Business - Energetic and Practical exercises to ensure you are available for your good in business to flow

Clarity on your Gifts - Most gifted women struggle to clearly define who they are and what they do~ we solve that now

Energy for Success - How to radiate vitality and find your flow so you magnetise people, opportunities and money to you

Bio, Who Am I? Powerfully Positioning your Expertise - Writing a great bio and positioning yourself is KEY!

Self Belief & Confidence: High Value Mindset - In my experience 80% of success in any area is an inside job

Define Ideal Client & Find Them - Manifest your ideal clients with this mind-blowingly simple exercise!

Create An Awesome Offer - Your offers can make or break your success- learn how to craft unique, desirable offers!

Selling (Sales Conversations) - The golden Key to the life blood of any business- Cash. I'll help you sell intuitively.

✓ Money - Blocks, Conversations, Comfort Zones, Recalibrating - Rewrite the story of lack, struggle or fear and open your money aura!

Getting Paid - Practical steps to make sure sales stick and you are organised and receiving!

Getting Supported in Your Gifts - Outsourcing in alignment with your purpose so you can live your destiny

✓ Boundaries, Time & Energy Management - Most creative women I work with need support with this and it can be life and business changing!


Video Trainings
& Worksheets


Group Coaching


Closed Facebook


Simple steps

Spiritual Principles & Practical Business Building With Ease, Joy & Abundance!

And to ensure you really DO feel supported and guided every step of the way to go at your own pace I am giving you access to Intuitive Business Transformation for Life!


plus the following Bonuses…


Simple Sustainable Success Planning Workshop

Value £347

When you feel all over the place, you need to take a breather and work ‘on’ your business. I hate planning, that’s why I created a creative way to approach getting all your ducks in a row to get big results. Join me for a pleasurable day and I’ll walk you through it


High Value Offers


This one day workshop contains material I have only shared with clients paying me 10k+. It can be life-changing if you know you’re ready to attract ideal, high value clients who just love you and are happy to pay premium rates for quality service and support


Magic, Mindset
& Intuition


You have magic inside you. this day will help you tap into it. I love this day because it includes everything that will make the difference to your life in the most profound but subtle way. Get ready to step into your true power.


The entire value of the bonuses adds up to the value of



It’s TIME, Transform your business…so you can truly THRIVE in your Life




Transform your life Today




Monthly Calls


If you want to...

Help your clients receive incredible benefits from your work together and...

✓ Share your talents

✓ Have more fun

✓ Make more money

✓ Live in Alignment

Attract 100% of the RIGHT clients for you without the overwhelm, info overload or spinning and finally have your 50k-100k year

let’s do it together


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free

Take 30 days to go through the modules and see the first month's training plus join my live coaching and if you're not happy you can have a full refund no questions asked...


Let me go even further than that...

If you go through the entire course, fully participate and still aren't happy then simple email us for a full refund... Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire course at my risk?

Because I know the knowledge in this program can change lives. It’s transformed my own life.And if you’ll take action, it can change yours for the better too. I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.


What To Do Next...

To get started, simply click the "Get Started Today" button below.

You’ll be taken to a secure order form on the next page and given instant access to the entire training immediately after you register. You'll receive your zoom link for our group coaching calls after you sign up and added to our amazing Facebook community where you'll be warmly welcomed! I can't wait! Warmly