An immersive day with me, from the comfort of your own home ~ Instantly.

Choose to up-level your wealth consciousness and money mindset, deepen your trust in your intuition, plan your year, or learn to share your gifts through a feminine approach to sales and marketing.


Huge Results With High Value Offers:

 It's time to become a high value business goddess, stand in your power, respect your time & energy and take your skills to a new level of mastery

... get the mindset shift that allows you to get 5 figure months regularly

... learn how to create dream offers of 5k, 10k and upwards

... uncover what it takes to attract high value clients- without struggle

... hear real-life stories from my clients to 5 figure months & 10x return on investment- we share the mindset and the tools for transformation in the honest interviews so you get the breakthrough you've waited for


Magic Mindset & Intuition


Time to give 'woo woo' a try?


* how to get out of your own way

* discover your limitless potential instantly

* connect with your intuition 

* make manifesting your dreams easy-peasy

* be you


simple, sustainable success - planning day for your year ahead


after this workshop you will: 

* stop procrastinating on your real purpose

* Overcome fears and blocks that hold you back

* get clarity on your priorities

* stop wasting time and energy on fluff and hype


Get your gift out 


get paid for what you're made for

* bye bye jack of all trades, scattered & chaotic

* hello super focussed gifted powerhouse creator!

* value yourself

*get clarity and confidence on what you do