Use The Secret Business Weapon You Already Have. I’ll Help ...

It’s the key for cutting-edge tycoons making high pressure decisions each day to start-up entrepreneurs who want to stop struggling and smash through their glass ceilings and money blocks...

It's the secret edge the World's leading creatives use every day to make the sharp decisions that lead their organisations to stellar success...

It's also the key for starting entrepreneurs who want to stop struggling, charge more and smash their glass ceilings...

What is it?

It's intuition. And you have it. 

What's more, whether you want to halve your working hours, expand exponentially, or attract your most ideal, high value clients, I'll help you follow your intuition to get there:

What is it? It’s intuition. And you have it. Let me show you how:


the garden

Welcome! This is a safe and sacred group for bright, creative women who are looking for development, spirituality in business, connection, and soul nourishment. 

digital workshops

Spend the day with me virtually, I will show you how to create sustainable success doing what you love and trust your intuition to take guided, aligned action so you stop doubting yourself

Business Blueprint

A brand new 90 day journey to transform your coaching enterprise into an enjoyable, successful and simple lifestyle business. Live support, Digital Training & Mastermind group.


live events

My live event days are filled with actionable points and some much needed mindset work. A very immerse day indeed.

V.I.P. Day

This is where the magic happens. Spend a day intensive with me where we'll shift your beliefs and mindset.

the venus venture

12 month mastermind, mentoring, 3 retreats & success community. The time is now.


Sucess Stories


Jia Ni Teo, Business & Alignment Angel

“Being in her vibration instantly changed me. As our time together progressed, I witnessed myself becoming a magnet for attracting clients, prosperity, and fulfillment. Every time I listen to our call recordings, I’ll even find hundreds of dollars flow into my life & business with such effortless ease and grace!”



“I was stuck for 8 years - now I have 5 figure days!

I feel called to write this for anyone sitting on the fence and saying “when I have this or that or when the timing is right” I will work with Kat Dever.

Despite an 11k launch my business had been stuck at €1,500 a month- for 8 years. I started working with Kat on 9th January 2017.

Within 2 weeks I made €8k and then a €3k months, then a €10k month.“



“My Income Tripled After 1 Session. Katharine is a miracle worker in the truest sense. I’ve never seen anyone who could manifest the things she wants in her life as quickly and effortlessly as she does. Katharine seemingly glides through life magnetizing whatever she desires in the most beautiful, feminine way. She’s a graceful powerhouse in that everything she touches magically turns to gold.“