Are you looking to transform your business?

You know you have great gifts to share with the world, but stumble with overwhelm and describing what you do, plus you can't quite get your offer right? Land the client? Make yourself heard?

Follow my business transformation blueprint and you'll be transformed.


The course is hosted in a Facebook group over 10 weeks with weekly live coaching.


Every Monday - Masterclass

Every Wednesday - Live Coaching Hour

Every Thursday - Review Class


I've condensed 8 years of my sustainable 6-figure business knowledge into this 10 week course. 

It’s everything you ever needed to know about setting up or growing your current business from a practical and spiritual level. 

My intention with this 10 week Business Transformation is to support you in getting handsomely paid for what you are made for, making a great living from your gifts whilst attracting clients you love who adore you and your work.

I will help you cut through the noise, marketing hype, mental chatter, negativity, fear and overwhelm and get your rubber on the road to your highest success.

It's my mission to help you make the tweaks to your business, energy management, beliefs and skills that result in riches in your business elegantly, gracefully and with your feet on the ground and your heart full.

I work a lot on mindset and overcoming money anxiety, self-worth blocks and clarity to create a more simple and wholistic lifestyle business you love.

After this program you’ll be planning your own packages, retreats, events, or whatever it is you do, confidently and from a much higher level.

The course is hosted on Facebook where you’ll be in a small group with past members who are as bright, sensitive and passionate as you are. 

Every week I host a live call where I can coach you personally and take your questions on the materials of that week. You'll also receive 3 one-day workshops that alone can creat incredible breakthrough results.

After working with Kat I’ve gone from being really unhappy in the same job for 10 years on a low salary to making £15,000 in just 3 weeks!!!! That’s over half my yearly salary from my last job in less than a month. I did that in my 2nd month of business, this stuff seriously works.
— Liz, UK
Taking a day out to lean back and get clear on value and worth can shift things fast! Within a week of doing your HVO day I’ve had a client confirm a four month boutique brand strategy and content project, worth AUD$22,000. Now I’m asking how can I take this offering to the next high value level for more clients? Thanks for holding such an incredible space Kat Dever
— Dianne, Australia

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