Are you looking to transform your business?

You know you have great gifts to share with the world, but stumble with overwhelm and describing what you do, plus you can't quite get your offer right? Land the client? Make yourself heard?

Follow my business transformation blueprint and you'll be transformed.


The course can be found on Facebook where it takes place over 12 weeks with twice monthly coaching calls. 



Week 1 - Open for Business

Week 2 - Clarity on Gifts

Week 3 - Energy for Success

Week 4 - Bio, Who Am I? Powerfully Positioning your Expertise

Week 5 - Self Belief & Confidence: High Value Mindset

Week 6 - Define Ideal Client & Find Them

Week 7 - Create An Awesome Offer

Week 8 - Selling (Sales Conversations)

Week 9 - Money - Blocks, Conversations, Comfort Zones, Recalibrating

Week 10 - Boundaries, Time & Energy Management

Week 11 - Getting Paid

Week 12 - Getting Supported in Your Gifts


Every Monday - Masterclasses

Every Thursday - Review Your Week So Far 

Every Other Wednesday - Coaching Hours