Who Are You Calling Witch?

There’s a psychological shift going on right now. A healing within the psyche of women where we are re-connecting, re-empowering and resurrecting the burnt, shamed and exiled ‘wise woman’ or ‘witch’ within.

The wise feminine has been mistrusted, reviled, painted as dark, undesirable, scary, evil, ugly, warty, chinny and isolated.

No wonder women have been terrified to claim their full magical power.

It’s been made clear this would not be safe, at all acceptable, desirable, attractive or valuable. It’s made us dependent on others instead of our inner knowing to face a World that is scary, run by men and where our depth of knowing and insight to navigate and create is blocked.

Over the 400 years or so between the 14th and 18th centuries when 9 million ‘witches’ (women and girls) where murdered there was a shift from women being the magical and revered creators of Life to it being literally terrifying to do anything remotely connected to nature, healing, mysteries or herbal medicine. Women were tortured to confess their ‘crimes’. No one was ever found innocent and it was enough to walk a dog in a field to be burnt alive.

But My Dear, That Was The Past.

That trauma, that fear, that shame, that eclipse of power, that terror is no more. It’s over. It is truly safe for you to know. To be powerful, and to be the magical, intuitive, Divine creature, creator and healer that you truly are.

But just like the elephant tied to the stump as a baby, we can get used to being powerless and mistake it for reality, so we give up on ourselves and our dreams.

Don’t do that. Don’t give in to the voice of fear, doubt or shame that has had its way with you, that held you captive, turned your head or bent your ear saying ‘you can’t’.

I’m here to remind you- Yes, you can be, do or have your heart’s desires- Your heart knows because its the bridge between your physical body and Spirit.

There is nothing to fear in your heart.

Witches of old didn’t believe in a Devil, or concepts of heaven and hell- they didn’t need an imaginary ‘enemy’ to scare people into ‘behaving’ or divide people and control them through fear.

“Even though not all witches are women, and a lot of men are witches, it seems to connote women’s power in particular. And that’s very scary in a patriarchal world – the kind of power that’s not just coming from the hierarchical structure, but some kind of inner power. And to use it to serve the ends that women have always stood for, like nurturing and caring for the next generation – that, I think, is a wonderfully dangerous prospect.” Starhawk

The word witch has its roots in the same word as the word ‘wise’, ‘wisdom’ and ‘wit’. We are taking it back. Taking back our  inner power, and making peace with ourselves finally after years and years of inner conflict and self-denial in order to preserve and nurture our Earth, our children and our creations and businesses.

Sending you such love,

Kat xx

Liz ElleryComment