Are Your Time Or Money Fears Ruining Your Life? Time To Let Go…

After a 24 hour ‘vacation’ I returned home to my life, my babies and my business with fresh eyes, new inspirations and clarity, and even deeper love and appreciation for the gifts I have, plus some insight into what I need to change or where I need to grow.

As entrepreneurs, and as women, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of excuses “I don’t have time”, “I can’t afford it”; or other fears that literally ruin the quality of life we enjoy and eat away at our desires.

To make choices from what our ego wants or thinks is ‘safe’ rather than what is in our highest good is one way we sabotage when we slip into lack thinking. Our ego wants us to avoid the discomfort that can come from saying YES to ourselves and trusting the higher purpose behind our desires, and so we tell ourselves it’s impossible and ‘control’ rather than allow life to unfold perfectly for us…

As women, saying YES creates an alchemy, a powerful charge that radiates within us and can inspire others to live their own version of a ‘Yes Life’.

An aware life, a conscious path is not the easy option. Your ego would much prefer you to just stay ‘safe’ and stick to what you know, and yet if your heart and soul crave more fun, more honesty, deeper trust or anything else, listen, take notice and breathe deeply as you unfold the power of your ability to co-create with Life in ever enchanting and magical ways!

Your desires may lead you places you thought you daren’t ever go to- (And trust me I have done the back and forth with my self more times than I care to remember)

Take a moment now and write down 3 desires you would like fulfilled by the end of the year, and give thanks for them being so…. Keep me posted on how this works out for you!

Liz ElleryComment