What About Investing? ….. 4 Simple Steps to Quickly Create the Cash Injection You Need to Get Your Gifts Out.

When BIG opportunities come around that would make us stare into the abyss and face our  biggest fear, we find a way to get ourselves off the hook…..

There are 4 magic words we use anytime we are scared as an ‘easy’ way out….

I Can’t Afford It

When we are scared to say YES to who we know we are, when we fear what others will think or say, when we resist our path, this is the song we start singing…. and we cut ourselves off from our good and limit God/the Universe to give us the resources to create what we say we want to manifest. I’m going to give you 4 steps to quickly create the cash you need to Get Your Gifts Out and invest in anything you want.

What we are really saying is:

‘I am scared’

When we are scared “I can’t afford it” is the easiest and most ‘don’t call me on my sh*t’ excuse in the book. But it’s patently absurd for any of us to say…We always find the money for what we consider a need.

If you are blessed with a roof over your head, money in the bank and in your wallet and a little extra in a dish somewhere, and resources like technology at your fingertips you are in the top 8% of the World’s wealthy.

Note to self: When I started out I didn’t invest in myself because I could afford it. In fact, my payment for the deposit on one of my early mentoring groups bounced and my mentor’s team called me to find out what was going on.

The amount was just £100.00! I said “Just give me a week, I will find a way!”

And I did find a way, because I had decided and committed. I sold stuff on ebay, I cleared my money clutter, I started to get serious about my business- and money started showing up and flowing in. Weird stuff happened, like I received a tax rebate and won some money on premium bonds! But there were also distractions and fears that came up- you need to be on the look out for that and just stay foccussed! My good did come in…just in time…

But only after I said yes and committed.

So this is the secret- You don’t ever say yes because you can afford it, you say yes to become the person who can afford it. Even when it’s scary.

So what are the tools you need?

The tools for my art -of life and business transformation was advancing my self-realisation and experience by receiving mentoring. For you, it might be something else that you know you need- a piece of equipment like a new laptop that is faster and more advanced, a certain lens to take the photos you desire, a deeper intensive to deepen your shamanic work.

Whatever it is, if you are committed you will find a way.

Here are 4 simple secrets that can help you:

  • Get Specific – Write the exact amount you want by when and write it as if it has already manifested: I am so happy and grateful that I now have £5,000.00 by DD/MM/YYYY. HINT: I write the desired outcome 15 times every day on A4 paper and do it almost like a visualisation of inscribing my desire into energetic matter
  • Get Connected: Refuse to allow the thinking that you ‘can’t’ have what you want or get what you need. Reprogram this thought with powerful affirmations and when you say them daily put your body heart and soul into- by getting into it and moving, singing, really feeling the affirmation as you say it. Take time each day for your wealth reading, affirmations and connection (prayer /meditation/walks in nature etc) So you can receive the guidance with the aligned action you need to take.
  • Get Strategic: Write a list of all the ways you can make money, people who owe you money, might lend you the money or where you have money ‘stuck’ and not working for you. Work through your list- circle the top 3 and I bet you will have the amount you desire before you get to the end of the list.
  • Get Focussed: You will need all your focus, energy and mastery for this, especially if its a short time frame- so turn off the box, drown out the noise and negativity, eat well, take daily MASSIVE action and have a pivotal phrase, person or text that you can turn towhen the inevitable ‘Upper Limit’ symptoms start showing up. This can trigger a kind of healing crisis, when suddenly you receive bills and dramas ‘pop’ that have been bubbling under the surface but if you just work through it , stay focussed, and clean it all up knowing you are creating it- you will come out the other side more in you power and realising you can do anything you set your mind to!

So when people say to me they don’t have the money to do what they want I never see that as an obstacle. I don’t believe in lack. I never had £20,000.00 in my pocket just sitting there whist I thought- ‘hmmmm….what should I do with this? I know- Why don’t I do a coaching program?'

The money showed up after I had made the decision to do whatever it was that I really wanted to do and then followed the steps above.

Working with the miraculous takes courage, and no one said this path would be easy.

There are times when you will wish it was.

There are times when you will wonder why you can’t just ‘be normal’.

If your destiny is calling you, no matter how quietly, you will find it impossible to ignore- whether its telling you to leave the security of a job, start a foundation, travel the World, or join a coaching program….

So don’t let money or your story around the lack of money come between you and your destiny.

Ultimately its not money but listening to your deep intuition, saying YES to YOU and giving the gift that you and only you are here to give- that will be the most valuable to you and the World.

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