It’s A Renaissance, Baby! What Creatives, Changemakers & Lightworkers Can Expect In The Year Of The Goat

“Awake, shake the dreams from your hair my pretty child”

Jim Morrison

I am not an expert in Chinese astrology, but I can tell you that since starting my business ‘for reals’ in the year of the Tiger I have kept my beady eye on it, and followed along with the different energies of each of the years, and it has served me and my clients very well.

I had a question from a reader about what to expect in the upcoming year which begins Feb 19th— so, here, from my research is the skinny on what folks like you and me can expect this year (Pssst…it’s good news!)

Also I like to tell you what I tune into from my intuition so this will be my take on things- Obviously I am not the holy grail … so take what works, leave the rest- as usual.

Time For A Renaissance … This is officially a “Green Yin Wood Sheep Year

‘Ere in Somerset there are plenty of fields. And, If you were to look in any field right now you would see the high springing, tail waggling, big eyed , excitable beauty and innocence of baby lambs playing and skipping (and their knackered mothers reluctantly feeding them whilst they butt their little heads on her under belly- Yeow!)

“Yes I am Smelling A Daffodil”

“Yes I am Outrageously Cute”

How ridiculously cute are these guys? I mean Come ON!

Playful, innocent, whimsical and romantic. Apparently ‘The Sheep likes to explore the World with wide-eyed wonder. You are invited to nurture your inner child and cultivate what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.  (“Oh, okay then…If I must”)

We will be in the mood for camping, bonding with Mamma Nature, skipping in meadows with flowers in our hair, and making our homes elegant and beautiful.

It’s a Renaissance year- art, literature, music festivals, culinary arts, comedy, dance and creating with our hands. It sounds like the best of the 60s to me- I always had a weird nostalgia for the 60s considering I was born in ‘82, so you can bet I will be enjoying these good vibrations …

Did someone say beads feathers and amulets?? See you in a muddy field somewhere


Shaman Queens at Milan fashion week…

Catwalk Spring/Summer 2015 is bang on to the vibe with the 70s revival we are seeing! If you love beauty, artisty and fashion you will appreciate this symmetry… so when you buy your new pair of flares or psychedelic shirt or tassel handbag you can blame Chinese astrology and tell your accountant it was a business essential purchase!

Love is in Ze Air

Its a really really great year for love, finding it, deepening it, just revelling in the pleasures of it…relationship harmony and romance are BIG. But not a great year to get married, interestingly…. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! there has to be an upside- like longer to prepare? Apparently 2017 is the Rooster and next best year for a Wedding (We are in monkey next!)

But here’s what is great for us creative entrepreneurial types

As we are in an 8 year-

( 2+0+1+5 = 8, plus Sheep is the eighth sign of the Chinese zodiac plus a few other cool things I won’t bore you with)

…this is an especially auspicious time for positive career developments, entrepreneurship and business success or income boosts :).

And home based businesses will thrive  The Wealth star is not about getting something for nothing- or ‘Get Rich Quick’ it is about doing work that you LOVE and devoting yourself to the personal effort required to follow your heart.

Tweet: Do the work you LOVE and devote yourself to the personal effort required to follow your heart.

The sheep’s motto is “I depend…..

This sheep is social and functions best with support- so the year is massively about family, friends, colleagues, community, collaboration and not going it alone.

Get Your Flock On To Get Your Gift Out…Can you imagine one of these little fluffy guys above doing great by himself? I don’t think so! We need a flock, a herd….This Year even loners will find support and companionship on their path 🙂 Good news for us slightly introverted hermits

Watch out for the shadow side of this and be mindful of creating unhealthy dependenciesIf you find you are following a leader, when really you need to be listening to your own inner voice, or if your self esteem is low and you become overly dependent, or if you’re always finding your energy pulled in loads of ways and never for YOU ….then this is the year to look deeper into what is behind that

(And hire a decent therapist and get to work on releasing and understanding that stuff so you can be free to be fully in your awesomeness) In my humble experience.

Ready For An Upgrade?

I am getting super jazzed to be holding my first small Group Intensive of 2015 on Chinese New Year at the gorgeous Babington House, Somerset in the English Countryside. if you get the hunch that spending the day with me here would raise your vibration, income, joy and fulfilment then drop me an email, I would love to have you along. These days are a fraction of my daily rate but you still get 1-1 support and bespoke guidance from me to make this year your most amazing yet!

Blessings for a beautiful year!

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