How To Kick Your Resistance Into Touch!

When I started work on my second book, I found it terrifying!

I am used to getting out of my comfort zone, but something about committing to that project had made me question everything about myself and my life! Yes, its true what is said about resistance- the more a project or enterprise is important to the growth of your soul, the more fear you will feel about doing it!


So how is your resistance showing up?

I wanted to help you to identify a classic example of resistance- waiting to be perfect or ‘healed’ before starting your business, going to the next level, or moving ahead with a creative project…. and what you can do to get past it.

I realised there is a huge difference between living IN fear and living WITH fear.

As creative beings we are meant to do those things that scare us, not stay stuck avoiding them. I hope this article will help you to move through any resistance you might be experiencing right now and get your magnificence into the World in even greater ways.

Are you waiting until you are perfect, ‘fixed’, healed, lighter, stronger, smarter or more qualified before you start the project that is burning a hole in your soul?

Its all very well being on a personal journey of healing, growth and transformation, but too often I see gifted people hiding behind this growth and using it as a delay technique to justify their procrastination around making money, getting new clients, picking up the phone to an incredible opportunity, becoming more visible, publishing- or writing- their writings or completing their plans and actioning them consistently.

Accept that perfection is a false premise designed by the ego to keep you feeling unworthy and prevent you taking bold steps in the direction of your dreams.

You really are good enough right now. Even with an unmade bed and a relationship drama. Even with an extra 10lbs, even with a failed business/relationship/creative project/all of the above behind you.

Accept and love yourself wherever you are right now and recognize that your personal life doesn’t have anything to do with your soul’s work here on Earth.

Start today on your dreams and don’t look back.

If you don’t feel ready, if you are afraid, if it seems like you ‘just need to….’ then you MUST start!

Your genius comes from a place within you that is always ready, is deeper, stronger and unaffected by anything external. Its bulletproof, and you can count on it- you just need to move out of your own way to let it do its thing.

In fact- if you look at many artists, from Beethoven to Amy Winehouse, you’ll see the truth that the more troubles you have the richer and better that creative part of you becomes, so release the excuse that everything in your life has to be perfect before you get on and do your thing.

“I’ve nothing against true healing. We all need it. But it has nothing to do with doing our work and it can be a colossal exercise in Resistance…Resistance knows that the more psychic energy we expend dredging and re-dredging the tired boring injustices of our personal lives, the less juice we have to do our work.”
Steven Pressfield- the War of Art

Liz ElleryComment