Have You Been Giving Your Power Away?

You have a personal, direct connection to Source Energy.

Whether you call it God, The Universe, the Cosmos, Your Higher Self or The Higher Power, there is a bigger ‘You’, that is infinitely wise, powerful and benevolent.

When you are ‘in your power’  life goes well. Doors open. Synchronicity abounds. Your intuition is on point, and you feel a sense of peace and harmony.

However, if this connection is not nurtured and if we are not conscious, present and aware of how we feel then all too easily this connection can be broken, especially when we are just learning to trust it to direct our lives.

We can find  ourselves suddenly feeling disconnected, disillusioned, scared, and lost.

From here we are easily triggered, we slip into compulsive behaviours, negative patterns or destructive tendencies and we find it hard to hear our inner voice.

In short – we lose our selves.

Everyone has a different ‘kryptonite’ that can trigger this kind of disconnection. Take a moment to consider…. what is yours?

It may come as a surprise that for many of us an event that fills us with joy that can throw us off kilter!  We can become complacent, and take our connection to our inner wisdom for granted as we simultaneously slacken our positive rituals and practices that keep us aligned, such as meditation, journaling, time in nature, yoga or nutrition.

When we reach a goal or receive an unexpected windfall, or a new love interest, these are the times to stay focussed and grounded to continue our relationship with the Source, that allowed us to receive that in the first place!

Other times we face some kind of challenge, obstacle or upheaval and come undone. We aren’t able to stay in power and have faith in our ability to move through, choosing instead to shrink and become attached to the need for approval, security or control that puts us in fear and decreases our vibration.

So….What does it mean to ‘Own Your Power’?

Owning Your Power means not letting your fears prevent you from giving your gifts to the World in order to live your purpose and receive the fulfillment, wealth and joy you deserve.

It means believing in your ability to do whatever it takes to achieve success in your life and business and to manifest your dreams.

Specifically, owning your power means:-

  • Not blaming others/circumstances for your lack of results/desired outcome and taking 100% responsibility- you are the only thinker in your mind and only one living your life.
  • Refusing to believe more in lack and scarcity than in abundance and infinite possibility, and affirming your ability to receive good in your life
  • Staying out of reaction and trusting your ability to respond to whatever comes up without coming from a place of guilt or shame

If you have been knocked off centre lately and feel that it’s been tough to own your power here are some tips:

***Look out for these power drains***

The Past….

Are you still banging on about the ex that did you wrong, the business partner that screwed you, the parents who let you down, or the course that did not work for you? Let it go. It’s time to make your peace with the past and put it down to experience, take the lessons, the blessings and leave the rest behind so you can move on.

  • Hooks…Stay conscious around the old triggers or old stories that ‘hook’ you and refuse to take the bait! You don’t need to respond the same way you always have. Let other people have their own versions of reality and stop trying to change anyone except yourself.
  • Needing To Be Nice- Needing approval can be corrosive to your success and your purpose. Some people out there won’t get you, like you, or approve of your choices. Some will criticize you- this is a cause for celebration not despair. There are many armchair critics, and they attract much to criticize. You don’t need to be part of it. Here are a few reminders of the great geniuses who had to accept this and let go of the need for approval:

Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true, then it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man” (Hamlet)

Oscar Wilde : “When the critics are in disagreement the artist is in accord with himself”

Someone else who gets it: “Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.”

***Implement These Power Increasers***

Do What Makes You Happy…

Do what feels good to you in spite of judgements from others about what they think. Some people think its outrageous to spend £10,000.00 to figure out how to change your life to one you love, whilst they regularly invest far more in finding ways to escape a life they don’t love. Trust your knowing and your feelings, and get space to hear your inner knowing regularly. Journaling can really help.

Live & Let Live…

You can’t stop someone else from making their mistakes, stop trying to control or caretake others and put the focus back on yourself, the best you can do is be a role model for those around you and mind your own business, whilst respectfully asking others to mind theirs!

Evaluate Your Choices…

Are you acting from your power, or from a place of shame, guilt, or obligation? If it doesn’t feel good to you to go to a party or give something to someone you need to examine if you are giving from an empowered place or a place of sacrifice. The World does not need another well intentioned martyr, it needs self-empowered people with the personal freedom and courage to trust their inner wisdom and be guided.

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