Are You Willing To Get Messy?

Life here lately has been pretty messy as Ludo gets to grips with food. In the beginning I was wary of letting him get stuck in, worrying about all the mess it would make. But I soon realised if he is going to learn and master the process of eating and putting food in his mouth it’s going to be a journey- and a messy one at least to begin with. So, in my infinite wisdom I gave him a bowl of pasta with sauce….

I once had a mentor who when I went to her bemoaning another mess in my life where I had failed to set or stand by my boundaries, or had been less than graceful, or screwed up – again would calmly tell me- “It’s always awkward before it is elegant.”

This phrase gave me the courage, compassion and patience with myself to take a deep breath and do my best to clean up the mess, forgive myself and continue to learn and grow, despite my discomfort.

Watching little Ludo so innocently and keenly get to grips with the basics of life:- moving, talking, eating: is so heartening and encouraging.

He gets frustrated, needs to take breaks, needs encouragement and reassurance and has to practice until he gets it, but there is no doubt that he will eat, walk, run and speak, and there is no doubt that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities for him to grow, learn and develop.

It makes me wonder- What if we could keep this stance all through our lives? That no matter how many times we ‘fail’ or make a mess in our relationships, wellbeing, businesses or finances we can simply take it as experience, look to tomorrow, enjoy the present and without shame, quitting, or self-loathing we keep trying until we get the breakthrough.

It reminds me of a favourite quote of mine:

“You have to fail your way to success”.

So I hope little Ludo and his messy eating will inspire you to be willing to fail and try something new today and be willing to go through life’s little messes knowing that you are one step closer to your desires.

kat dever