Are You Tuned In? From Manifestation to Actualisation

With the hubbub of the year getting louder and everyone looking ahead, planning and thinking about what the next year has in store, its the perfect time to tune in and receive your wisdom from the place inside that is ‘access all areas’ and can connect the Grand Design, or ‘Divine Plan’ for your life.

For me, things tend to get messy in my life when I try and take over and ‘Edge God Out’ because I think I have to do it all alone. I think its little ole me that needs to write the article, plan my day, deliver the speech, and I forget to call on something wiser, higher, and greater than myself to help me. I find it becomes infinitely easier when I surrender, let go and allow Spirit/God/Life to lead the way….

When I actively invite this Power into my life, that is when the magic happens- I need to take the time to seek this guidance and ask for help before I really get the magic/solution/support I needed- and very often it looks nothing like I thought or could have ‘made happen’ with just my mind’s agenda.

Today I am sharing three tips to get out of your own way and allow that magic into all aspects of your business and life, whether its speaking at a big conference or figuring out why your baby is crying.

3 Ways to quickly re-set your dial and tune in to your higher knowledge (As always use whatever word works for you to describe Higher Power- God/Source/Life/Spirit…I kinda mix them up…)


1. Ritual

Never underestimate the power of a ritual to get you back on track and hear your inner voice. Far be it from me to prescribe ‘how you should’ create a ritual instead get creative like a child again and create a ritual that suits you, and is appropriate to the situation, space, and time. Some ideas to try might be a particular location, clothing, candles, insence, element, exercise, breathing technique song incantation or prayer to help set the scene and set up some sacred space for you to get clear and hear your inner knowing:

Example – Before I go on stage to a big audience I completely release my planned talk to Life. I ask the Light to come through me, and to give people what they need. I say my affirmation “I am no one’s opinion of me, I am not even my own opinion of me, God please allow me to serve and may your will be done”


2. Ask

If you aren’t clear then what you want can’t really show up in the juicy way its meant to. Ask for what you desire and ask for help especially. Invite God/Spirit/Your Higher Self/Life into your everyday life & business with this simple and memorable passage from ‘A  Course In Miracles’, to move you from manifestation from your ego, to actualisation of your Soul’s Purpose:

‘Where would you have me go?’
‘What would you have me do?’
‘What would you have me say? and to whom?’


3. Intention

Never underestimate the power of your intention to completely transform anything in your life. Working intentionally carries amazing results and can be the difference between a great time and a rocky one. I especially use the power of Intention for tuning in when I can not set up quiet time or space and am in potentially stressful situations:

Example: I always get great flights and have seamless experiences at airports, because I set my intention before the trip, and I do the same with car journeys, and I guess like lots of you with parking spaces too!

Start with the little things and practice tuning in every day and before you know it you’ll be tuning in to higher input on everything from how much money you want to make next year to what kind of services you could offer!

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