Are You an Earth Angel?

I read an article the other day online that felt like I was ‘meant’ to read it.

If you are reading this one I am guessing you are ‘meant to’ also as it relates to being here but being a certain kind of person- An Earth Angel.

Being an Earth angel doesn’t automatically mean your whole life is heavenly and that you never make mistakes.

In fact, you may find that you have never really felt like you fitted in, you may have an uncontrollable sugar addiction and weight problems, or you might have struggled with other addictions too (drink, drugs, meds, sex, drama). You may be someone who loves other people and animals and nature so much, and yet often feels strangely disjointed and isolated. Perhaps you have emotions and feelings that run very deep and you often feel misunderstood except by your animals, spirit guides and maybe one or two close friends or writers you haven’t even met!

If you are an earth angel you came to Earth with a purpose and you may have been feeling that strongly since you were very young, as you mature you find ways to help people and want to make a difference through service.


Advice for Earth Angels:

– Be Discerning About Energy:- As a sensitive and aware being of light, incarnated here to help people as best you can it is wise to take excellent care of your energy and bring into your field the thoughts, people, foods and stimulus that are loving, nourishing and are high-vibration. If you practice energy discernment every day it will help you to stay centered, vibrant and prevent you ‘taking on’ other people’s problems/emotions/fears.

– Ask For Help – All too often an earth Angel gets so busy in helping others that they forget they are also worthy of love, care and assistance. Next time you begin to feel overwhelmed, or find yourself out of balance ask for divine assistance, or speak up and make requests from those around you- You may be pleasantly surprised how willing people are to serve you for a change! Be sure to allow yourself to receive, as giving and receiving create a wonderful flow of abundance and go hand in hand.

– Grounding- It’s important to be here now. You might prefer the higher vibrations of other planes and levels of reality; however, whilst you are here it’s good to adjust to life in the 3rd dimension. Take time every morning to plant your feet ion the Earth, walk barefoot on the grass or do a visualization bringing your energy ‘down to Earth.’ Most Angels struggle with this one, but remember for you to be all you can be in the lifetime you really have to ‘get with the program’ of this planet and ground yourself into this physical reality so that you are able to function. Use your breath and some positive affirmations and do what needs to be done to make your stay here comfortable and life-affirming!

– Diet and Exercise – Without some care to your health and especially your vibration you will struggle. Take your intuition shopping and to every restaurant so you chose healthful, high vibration foods that serve and nourish you. If you do end up at a meal where you can tell the vibration is slightly ‘off’ (say you are staying with friends and you know the ingredients are not organic and they were cooked with resentment or anger rather than love) you can raise the vibration of your food yourself by blessing it. Bless your food, your body and your planet and the abundance it brings you as often as possible! When it comes to exercise moving in nature connects you to your spirit so take time to play, explore, swim in the lakes and ocean, walk up mountains or through forests. Move, dance, sing, run, skip just feel free and engage your body- your physical form is a great gift so look after it and it will look after you too!

– Connect with your guides- As a light being you need the comfort, reassurance, guidance and love that your spirit guides, higher self and soul family want to share with you. If you spend some time connecting with your guides, you’ll discover the sun of your own soul, be able to bathe in that and become much clearer about your purpose. Be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself, you don’t have to single-handedly save the World, and although you may indeed have an important purpose whilst you are here, its ok to have fun and take yourself lightly so be sure to enjoy and appreciate the journey. 😉

Finally, thank you for finding this and reading it, I hope it helps you and I appreciate who you are and send you love! What one thing can you adopt right now to make your mission more fun, graceful and exciting? What one lifestyle change would make you feel more comfortable in your skin and better about yourself? Embrace your life and be good to yourself, until next time,

Katharine x

Liz ElleryComment