5 Keys of Manifestation… 'Birthing Miracles and the Importance of the 11th Hour'

A few months ago I had this dream that I would give birth in a part of the World that I felt warm, supported and connected to Mother Earth.

My mother asked me “Are you giving birth in Bath hospital or Bristol hospital?” I asked my mum “Mum, If you could give birth in any way you wanted, anywhere in the World what would be your dream?”

She laughed at me and looked a bit confused, rolled her eyes and I could see the familiar expression of exasperation cross her face. Followed by a resigned ‘Ok Katharine…’

But despite these natural reactions that made me doubt myself, somewhere deep inside me this felt possible…it became my newest miracle project, my new fascinating  question. I had asked myself other empowering questions in the past that had allowed me to achieve my dreams- like “How can I appreciate my gifts and share them with others in fun and exciting ways?” “How good can I let it get” “What would I do/Who would I be if I had no fear?”

I asked my baby in meditation- Where do you want to be born? How do you want to enter the Earth, and where?

Bit by bit my vision started to form. I knew I wanted warmth, fresh air, fresh organic food and I wanted to be in a beautiful natural setting surrounded with loving beings.

I watched videos of women giving birth in the ocean, with dolphins swimming around them, I watched women deliver their babies in bath tubs, and women in jacuzzis having ecstatic experiences. My whole being was saying yes yes yes! I want that, that is me! My baby seemed to want it too…

But my reality of visiting the grey little birthing centre with the British winter, flu scares and double recession encroaching on me fast looked very different to this ‘parallel reality’ and it all seemed like a ‘crazy’ pipedream… How would it all come together? What about flying when pregnant? What about important documents like the birth certificate, and passport – especially if you wanted to be in a non-English speaking country?? What about the risks, the huge costs, the medical support if needed?

Now I knew that this seemed ludicrous on lots of levels, so I stopped trying to figure it out, and I trusted that if it was meant for my baby, and for me, then it would happen. I let go of the outcome and made peace with a birthing pool in England … But I left the door open…

…. It only takes a small crack to let the light in…

At the 11th hour I had what I call a ‘miracle impulse’ – an intuition to check out what properties were available in Ecuador, and I took immediate action….The first place I found that said YES in my gut turned out to be the perfect match…

Within 24 hours the whole plan had fallen into place-  the woman I had enquired to about a fabulous 7,000sq ft luxury villa for rent with 2 acres of organic gardens came back to me with the words: “I totally love your plan, this is such an important thing in life.”

She had delivered all 3 of her sons (6, 4 and 18 months) at home, and she had the whole thing figured out- from legal documents, to a holistic OB-GYN who could perform C-sections and any medical procedures in the event of an emergency. The villa is right in an energy vortex between 4 powerful volcanoes and has the most beautiful energy and a labyrinth.

We video skyped and I asked all my questions. We felt like friends who had not yet met, and we shared a love of Ecuador, natural horsemanship and a deep belief that motherhood and delivery are intended to be part of life, not some serious medical ‘condition’ to fear.

So now I had a week left of being allowed to fly- and a wide open door to make my ‘birth dream’ a reality. Would I have the guts to claim and follow my dream? After a lot of mixed emotions and fears, I gathered my courage and booked the flights, property -everything just with less than a couple of days remaining. I went for final checks, presentations scans, bloods, weights, everything, and I printed off my boarding pass.

11 hours stretching out in first class later, after a stop over for a night with my friend in Madrid, my bump and me arrived in Ecuador.


I met my new doctor….He said “I don’t want to know about your vagina, I need to feel your heart.” I knew I
was in the right place and had made the right decision for me and my son, although it was one of the scariest of my life!

Here’s my top 5 tips to allow and trust the flow – even when you feel confused or afraid:-

1. Trust yourself: Your dreams, desires, intuitions or nudges are not crazy. We are all different and what is right for you is different to what is right for the next woman, only you know what that is.

2.Respect yourself: You deserve to be supported- financially, spiritually, emotionally. Raise your standards and don’t be afraid to take a stand for who you are and what you need.

3.Ask. When you need clarity, guidance or support ask for help- from Spirit, from friends and family, whoever is your real ‘tribe’ and gets you. At the airport I had a wobble, luckily my Dad was there to say, “get on the plane kid, Live your dreams.” (My dad was in the army 40 years and still manages to have this enlightened take on life when it matters most- it was one of the greatest moments of my life to receive that blessing in that moment. My son’s Babu is a legend!)

4. Stay in your Power: Know that it is all happening for you, try not to judge circumstances and become a victim- ‘Why is this happening to me?’ Instead- gives yourself 100% responsibility as a powerful creator of your life and ask- ‘What do I need to learn/see know?’ And ‘What do I want here?’ The clearer you get, the easier what you want shows up- and only to the extent that you are clear can it show up.

5. Have faith: Most people give up right before the miracle. They stop digging ‘3 feet from gold’….Never forget the power of the 11th hour- in all you do! Stay willing, stay open and jump on the opportunity when it shows up! (Clue: it shows up when you do!)

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