I’m Katharine Dever, 

... mamma of 3, entrepreneur & intuitive ...

For over a decade I’ve helped hundreds of women fulfill their potential...

I am often asked how I do what I do and the most honest answer I can give is - it’s a mystery...

Oftentimes there is a “kind of magic” that plays a part in my work.

I’ve run my own business for the last 10 years.

I started with zero capital in the middle of a double-dip recession with a credit card, a background in healing and the arts, a deep desire to create a fusion between the material and spiritual Worlds and be a bridge for sensitive, gifted creatives and entrepreneurs between both so they could thrive in meaningful work they love.

Although it looked like an 'overnight success' when my business quickly ascended past the six figure mark in its first year, it had been a back log of years of searching for my purpose, doubting myself, hesitating, being unsure of what I did, how to express it and if anyone would ever want to work with me or if I was just crazy ... (This was 2005-ish when juicing, meditation, energy work and personal transformation were still considered pretty off-beat, especially in the UK!)

I was often asked "when will you get 'A real job and settle down?'" 

It wasn't so much a choice as a calling. Once I had a glimpse of it, I acted on blind faith and sheer stubbornness to live the life I knew I was meant for and get on my true path. I quit the heavy drinking, partying and late nights and began meditating, exercising, reading and voraciously studying as much as possible about life, people, success, synchronicity, the ultimate nature of our reality, manifestation and Intuition, raising my energy and re-wiring my mind.

I became fascinated with understanding people, the sensitive inner-workings of our beings, and our capacity for healing and transformation. I was hungry to understand how we could fulfil our true potential, and live freely and powerfully in our own truth, not what society tells us is 'correct' but what we know deep down.... This calling is alive in my work today.

I’ve a gut sense for when my clients are on track, and been told I magically show up just when they need me - (think fairy godmother- but without the singing - I only know all the words to Dolly Parton’s 9-5 as I'm a huge fan, but- sadly, I’m tone deaf)


it wasn't all butterflies and rainbows

... as i pursued my desire for personal fulfilment ... i remember one day standing in my kitchen, on a freezing cold february with nothing to eat in the cupboards, and looking into the eyes of my beloved labradoodle who was hungrily staring back at me and not even having enough money for a can of dog food. I guess I had to hit that low, to really decide that I was changing my financial reality, and that I was not going to carry on being scared to show up for my calling - which terrified me and excited me in equal measure!


On my journey to uncover my own gifts and potential I put everything on the line, including a place to do a Masters at Trinity college in Dublin, because I knew Life was calling me to something else.

I also spent more weekends than I care to recall in airless airport hotel events when the Interweb was the wild-west and I was wet behind the ears, fascinated, and learning like a sponge how to successfully market online. After a few years of that I still wasn't really touching the surface of what I felt was within me, so I invested in private mentoring and that decision was life-changing.

It turned out I was about to uncover a career that didn't even exist when I was a student. I coined the term 'Business Intuition' where I would see my clients highest good, and then hold that space for them to step up and into. I began showing women softer approaches to sales and marketing,  doing energy work and healing the blocks and root causes of self-doubt and self-sabotage, and then giving practical steps to guide them toward their best potential future. I'm happy that the results of my often unconventional and metaphysical approaches have been miraculous.

So here I present to you my Intuitive Services

Get ready for your potential to be realised and enjoy all Life wants to offer you.

There really is no better time to step into your power.


I welcome you to apply for a complimentary consultation if you’d like to learn more about how I may be a fit to support you aligning your energy to your highest dreams… Even if you’re not 100% clear what they are yet.


"Within 2 months I had secured a contract which paid me twice the money for half the hours! I can't describe what Kat does but there's some magic in there for sure. I am eternally grateful for finding the courage to invest in myself. And to Kat for the fierce magic, she weaves."