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Surrender- The Secret to Living A Life More Aligned With Your True Purpose, WIth More Joy And More Fulfillment!

‘Work’ Does not have to be ‘HARD’ as our programming would have us believe.

Most of the actual tasks we need to do to make our businesses run effectively and make money are fairly simple. Easy, even….However, we can choose to experience struggle when we go about them.
We can people please, get distracted, beat around the bush – and prove to ourselves the belief of how hard it really is to achieve our dreams.We can tell ourselves “its so hard” and we don’t have enough of this, that, or the other.

But the truth is success and abundance are natural. Read more →

5 Keys of Manifestation…. ”Birthing Miracles and the Importance of the 11th Hour”

A few months ago I had this dream that I would give birth in a part of the World that I felt warm, supported and connected to Mother Earth. My mother asked me “Are you giving birth in Bath hospital or Bristol hospital?” I asked my mum “Mummy, If you could give birth in any way you wanted, anywhere in… Read more →

Have You Been Giving Your Power Away?

You have a personal, direct connection to Source Energy. Whether you call it God, The Universe, the Cosmos, Your Higher Self or The Higher Power, there is a bigger ‘You’, that is infinitely wise, powerful and benevolent. When you are ‘in your power’  life goes well. Doors open. Synchronicity abounds. Your intuition is on point, and you feel a sense… Read more →