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Top Ten Tips To Manage Your Energy and put you on your ‘A Game’ as an Earth Angel, Sensitive Type or Big Hearted Creative Entrepreneur

A couple of years ago I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and I discovered something truly amazing. You see, the food was great, but for some reason every time I ate at camp I was left really poorly with sickness and diarrhea- which isn’t great at the best of times, let alone when you are camping in a 2 man tent with… Read more →

5 Keys of Manifestation…. ”Birthing Miracles and the Importance of the 11th Hour”

A few months ago I had this dream that I would give birth in a part of the World that I felt warm, supported and connected to Mother Earth. My mother asked me “Are you giving birth in Bath hospital or Bristol hospital?” I asked my mum “Mummy, If you could give birth in any way you wanted, anywhere in… Read more →

Are You An Earth Angel?

Connect with your guides- As a light being you need the comfort, reassurance, guidance and love that your spirit guides, higher self and soul family want to share with you. If you spend some time connecting with your guides, you’ll discover the sun of your own soul, be able to bathe in that and become much clearer about your purpose. Read more →