I’m Katharine Dever and you are very welcome to explore what I have to offer here.

I see too many women hiding from their true power, fearing their greatness and resisting their calling because of fear, shame and self-doubt.

My calling is to empower and support you through the transformation you need now.

Since 2005, I’ve been a avid student and teacher of both the science of peak potential and the art of personal transformation and fulfilment. Through studying, travel and experiencing the teachings from teachers and wisdom around the globe I share my work, deepen my understanding and develop my gifts. 

My spiritual gifts were allowed to surface, and I developed a knack of seeing an individuals
‘Money Spot ™’ – Their true gifts that help them embody their highest calling.

I came to value and trust my intuition above all else in my life, and started to work with other sensitive entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and healing arts practitioners to help them understand more about their unique talents and path of service.

I believe that for our World and the individuals within it to thrive and heal we need to live from our gifts and trust our bodies.

I would love to help you to activate and actualise all you came here to do, be and have.